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Take the heart of your business and turn it into something better! 

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Learn shortcuts to get sales in the door a lot sooner.

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Learn how to get and stay ahead of your most ruthless competitors.

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From Bland To Brand

What’s in a name? Everything! 

Having a memorable name is key to the success of your family business. Featuring 20 steps on creating an inventive product or company name, this package provides the art and science behind finding the ideal one for you. 

A great way to rebrand yourself or your company, From Bland To Brand ensures you don’t need to hire an expensive brand guru to achieve your needs. 


Component #1

Complete with 8 mistakes to avoid in choosing your name and what to do when your dream name is taken, this resource will be invaluable to your family business.

Dr. Marc Dussault

Family businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, but sadly suffer
the worst business losses and take their family down with them.
This is entirely preventable, hence why I studied them in-depth as
a doctoral student in university and have devoted my professional
career to helping hundreds of families, not just survive but thrive as
a business, making the best of what they have - HEART, COMMITMENT, TRUST, INTEGRITY and PASSION.

Just the growing ranks of successful family businesses that now out-perform there non-family business competitors!

Onward and upward!

Family businesses are uniquely different AND inherently fragile which is why, once they understand what makes them special and why they need to do things differently, their success is assured with rock-solid foundations that transfer to the next generations.”

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Family Business Revival Kit


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Tips and tools
to help you grow your
family business

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Family Business



Family Business

If you deploy a minimum of 10 strategies proposed in the
Family Business Revival Kit and provide the supporting documentation that they did not generate at least a 10 TIMES return on your purchase price, we will give you a full refund.

OK, count me in, let’s get to work and make things happen!

Branding Case Studies

You’re not alone wanting to elevate your family business. Featuring three real-life case studies of businesses who were in the same boat as you, this resource is priceless and timeless. Each case study provides an in-depth,  step-by-step explanation of the naming, branding and positioning process. Just like these businesses did, this resource is all about how you can claim the dominant marketing position in your market or industry.

Component #2


One of the case studies reveals how a $20,000 investment out-performed a competitor’s campaign that cost $250,000! 

Every business has hidden assets that are un-utilized, un-leveraged and un-known sitting right there, ready to be used. 

This 47-minute video streaming presentation will show you how recalibrate your mind with an exponential wealth creation mindset to realign and even recession-proof your family business for the toughest times.

Create A Recession-Proofed Business

Component #3


A recession-proof strategy that can instantly boost your profits by 10-25%

Several innovative ways to turn your problems into solutions

Gain guaranteed prospects and customers at little to no cost

How to enhance your ads, emails and promotions for greater impact 

8 Exponential strategies to help you grow and prosper during tough, recessionary times 

How to out-smart, out-strategize and out-earn your competition

Avoid predictable and preventable costly mistakes

3 Specific exponential strategies to achieve greater market share with higher profitability

Competition can be cut-throat, but this myth-busting presentation will arm you with:

$100,000 Mastermind Meeting

Component #5


Hear word-for-word, in this Exponential MasterMind session, how more than $100,000 of real value was created for participants on the call. In just one hour,

Boost the value of your company and make more money with a lot less effort

Pick the best referral strategies that work consistently  

Maximise your referral systems to generate more and better leads that convert to paying customers

Get the
highest quality clients

Develop different types
of referral strategies 

Turn your clients into unpaid
sales agents

Leverage the 1% Improvement Doctrine that will ensure your family company’s continued growth and prosperity

this raw and uncut recording showcases a simple process to help you:

Learn how to out-sell and out-market your competitors with an overview of 15 exponential marketing strategies you can tailor to your family business. 

How To Outperform Your Competitors

Component #4


The jeweler, who pulled $55,000 out of thin air by using just one technique

The software company that generated $150,000 in sales 6 months faster with 200% better conversion rate and no discounting

The specialised health care provider who booked more than $150,000 in treatments in less than 3 hours with less than $1,000 in marketing costs

The training company that tapped into a Host-Beneficiary Partner's database to produce $25,000 in less than 60 days. Total cost, less than $300!

The consultant who made $6,000 in one hour. Yes, one hour. And then made an additional $2,000 without even lifting a finger!

Real life case studies from small companies
just like yours, for example:


Did you know?

The average life expectancy of a family business is only 24 years

Only 3 out 10 family businesses survive into the second generation

Only half of those make it into the third generation

Are you?

The founder of a family firm wanting to hand over the reins of the company to an heir?

The second-generation owner who needs to plan for the transfer of control to the next generation?

The heir to the family firm who is apprehensive, timid or unsure about the process?

The Family Business Suicide Prevention Guide

Component #7


Did you know that it takes 7 years on average for research like this to get into the popular business press? With only 13% of business owners stumbling across it, the knowledge in this book is invaluable
to you.

Save thousands that you may have spent on an attorney, consultant or advisor for a fraction of this information

Trust in the skills and knowledge of multiple family-owned business’

Years of curated work combined with up-to-date experiences

Protect your family business well into the future

Why you need this easy-to-read book:

With over 1,250 hours of research and reviewing more than 300-peer reviews articles and studies, this book is packed with 131 references, allowing you to delve deeper into any aspect of succession; quickly and easily. With comparative analysis of key succession issues and step-by-step action strategy for better success, this book is the ideal addition to your family business.

Borrowing strategies from corporate firms, this book showcases the best way to change and adopt them to ensure your business thrives

How To Market Your Family Business 

Component #8


Running a family business has special challenges and obstacles that unless you know how to deal with properly, will continue to restrict and limit your growth and profitability.

The fastest way to out-smart, out-strategise and out-earn the competition leveraging the fact that you’re a family business.

Ways to prolong the family businesses from the 1st generation to building a ‘multi-generational perspective’ 

Real-life examples to help you build an identity or persona specific to your family business

The pros and cons of using your family name in your business name

How to attract all the business you can handle

How you can mimic the strategies of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Aunt Jemima Pancakes and Sara Lee to leverage the family aspect of your business to your advantage.

The #1 mistake almost ALL family business owners make which costs them thousands of dollars – every single month!

How to create credibility, build preeminence and preserve your family’s legacy especially when times get tough

How your family photo album can help you grow your business faster

How to leverage the Internet to grow your family business using free online tools

How compressing your Pathways To Profits can make your business instantly more profitable without having to spend a cent on new advertising

A simple copywriting trick that turns cold, bland and boring business communications into compelling, captivating and endearing stories that make people want to do business with you

A little-known technique to make the local community fall in love with your business – no matter how small it currently is

A proven strategy from the 1800s that nobody uses, but is guaranteed to help you get you new leads - instantly

Find out how a chiropractor, doctor or any professional can attract more business than they can handle with one simple strategy

How to use trophies, awards and accolades to win more business with a lot less effort

The 2 associations you should join immediately to bullet-proof your business from weaknesses or dips in the economy

The #1 complaint that could bankrupt your business in the next 12 months and how you can flip it to your advantage

How to create a personalised image for an online business that attracts more cash-in hand customers who want to buy from you

When and why you shouldn’t put your family ‘front and center’ in your sales and marketing

What helped Colonel Sanders build an international empire that keeps growing and expanding long after he died

A critical strategic move you must take when a family member leaves the company and what you need to do to employ new staff to fill their role

Why you still struggle with attracting new customers to your family business and how to change it this week

This How To Guide will reveal:

Make the most of all the hard yards, you've already put in and start to convert that into a premium offering the market is expecting from you.

Yes I want to get the rewards we’ve earned as a family!

What’s included  

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Component #1: From Bland to Brand

Component #2: Branding Case Studies

Component #3: Video Streaming Presentation

Component #4: Video Streaming Presentation

Component #5: Downloadable Audio Program

Component #6: Business Marketing Autopsy

Component #7: Succession: The Single Biggest
Threat To Your Family Business

Component #8: How To Market Your Family Business - Exponential Marketing Tips To Leverage Your Family Brand For Maximum Profits!

Catapult your family’s name, history, legacy and reputation into your most valuable competitive advantage!

Yes, I want to learn how to turn a negative into a positive!


4 step


Start Rebuilding Your Business!

Make your brand the best it can be.

step 1

Work Smarter
Not Harder 

Discover ways to utilise your time.

step 2

Beat Your Competition!

Give your industry a run for their money!

step 4

Your Business!

Work with what you have!

step 3


Family Business



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Easy-to-follow step-by-step program

How to market your business effectively through ads, emails and more







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I believe in family business so much, I studied them as a Ph.D. student and since have helped hundred of them succeed.

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Family Business





Business Marketing Autopsy

Component #6


This online Do It Yourself self-assessment with force you to face the cold, hard facts head-on and figure out why your business isn’t earning as much as it deserves. This confidential process, is like an x-ray scan for your business, to reveal why you're stuck, limited and/or frustrated with your family business. 

Why your current promotions
are not performing

Why your clients are not loyal

Why you constantly attract
the wrong prospects/clients

Why you're working harder and harder
for less and less gross margin

Why you constantly need to worry about "where the next job/project/contract is coming from" just
to pay the bills

This eye-opening autopsy that takes just minutes will help you uncover;

How To Market Your Family Business
Exponential Marketing Tips To Leverage Your Family Brand

Why this